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>Balatron provides world class electronic products and manufacturing services to customers in a variety of industries. We offer total product manufacturing solutions as well as electronic design and engineering services:


>Our Products are Developed and Manufactured to meet our Client's Quality Requirements.

>We deliver High Quality Solutions for our Clients.

>ISO-9001/2008 approvals under-pin our entire business activity.

>We Supply Directly to our Customers in Time and Form.

>We Assure to Fulfill Regional Standards and Regulations.

>We Integrate our Manufacturing Program According to our Client's.

>We Develop and Manufacture our Products according to our Client's needs.

>Our Engineering Services are Always Available for our Clients to Produce Robust and Controlled Products.

>We Team Up with our Clients to Develop New Products of Their Own. 

>LED Lighting for Commercial Refrigeration Equipments




LED Lighting

Low Temperature

> We offer complete compliance of the products developed with our clients. Our products meet high quality standards and are tested for an optimal performance.


> Balatron manufactures LED Lighting Systems for the Commercial Refrigeration Industry, developing its products to meet the needs and requirements of functionality, design and acreditations of the industry. Our products are designed to handle extreme cold enviroments for normal and low temperature applications.