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Balatron designs, develops and manufactures LED lighting products for different industries, markets and applications. Our LED lighting systems meet the highest quality standards of the industry.


We design and test our products to assure the quality and performance for which they were made for. Our products include different type of applications, components and functionalities to offer the best possible solution to our Client’s needs.

We offer the expertise of our designers to collaborate directly with our client in finding the best solution.


>SMT/Through Hole LED Technology

>Comercial Refrigeration Lighting

>Retail Lighting

>Special Application Lighting

>Power Supply/Drivers

>Down Lights

>LED Modules

>LED Tubes

>Fitted Profiles




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LED Lighting

In Balatron we are continuously developing and testing new prototypes for different applications and industries as well as end costumers. We have the capacity to develop new products together with our clients and offer an optimal lighting solution continuously seeking to improve the design of our products and innovate in new solutions that can offer a competitive advantage.


We design and develop our products with high quality materials, compliant with international regulations. We collaborate with our suppliers to assure an optimal final product that fits with our costumers needs.





Our Electronic Designers                   

develop electronic circuits

according to the characteristics

needed for the final product to

ensure its functionality and efficiency.


Our Electronic Designs link directly

for manufacturing and rapid

prototyping activities.

> Electronic Circuit Design

Balatron designs, develops and manufactures electronic circuits for a variety of industries. From initial prototypes to a final product, we develop complex electronics looking for a reliable optimal cost-effective solution for production. Over the years, our work with small and large companies has led to our specialization in areas such as telecommunications, retail, lighting, appliances and a variety of industrial markets.


Our group of experts assures the functionality and integrity of the design to be cost-reliable and ready for production under the customer’s requirements. Our Services include:

>Rapid Prototyping

>Full Product Design/Development

>Robust Design 'fit for purpose





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> Sourface Mount

Our Surface Mount process features outstanding equipment featuring Screen Printers, Pick and Place Systems and Reflow Ovens from the leaders in the industry. This allows us to offer a highly reliable automated process combined with the expertise of our personnel to assure the quality of our products, and the efficiency of our process.  Our after process activities may include functional testing and conformal coatings regarding our Client’s needs. 

> Through Hole

Our facility features a wide space of hand placement lines operated under our quality system guidelines and specifications. Our wave soldering equipment is of high capacity and manufactured by the leaders in the industry, our process combines the expertise of our personnel who inspect each board after the wave soldering process. Our after process activities may include functional testing and conformal coatings regarding our Client’s needs.

> Testing

Balatron offers full functional or electrical testing services integrated during the manufacturing process according to the customer needs. We have a variety of equipment for electrical testing and if needed we can develop a customized testing jig.

> Working with Professionals

In Balatron our most important asset is our people. Our personnel is the key factor in our manufacturing process, they are continuously trained to maximize their expertise and assure the development of their potential.

> Electronic Components Distributor

For over 27 years Balatron has been a leading electronic components distributor. We’ve worked together with some of the biggest electronics companies of the industry providing them our distribution services and products. Over the years Balatron has managed exclusive representations of some of the biggest electronic components manufacturers.

From small companies to high volume buyers we offer a wide variety of electronic components at a competitive price. 


Some of the products we sell include:


>Integrated Circuits


              > Capacitors

              > Resistors

              > Potentionmeters







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